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Episode 301

"Gila Monster"

Chuck and Trixie, the eccentric new building owners, assign Yuri his first task: kicking Bobbi out for overdue rent.

Episode 302

"Geeks in Love"

Newlyweds Fred and Alicia are happier than a couple of Klingons spilling Romulan blood. That is until his co-worker Bark starts flirting with Alicia.

Episode 303

"Mean Girls"

When Bobbi joins SWUT (Single Women United Together) it feels like she's been transported back to the glory days of high school.

Episode 304


Sault is down on her luck when she decides to try a little positive thinking.

Episode 305

"Il Pagliacci"

Geoff and Stanley have a surprise houseguest - Stanley's ex-wife Frances.

Episode 306

"Prince of Nigeria"

Hal and Nick have steady jobs and think their lives are finally on track, until Hal's father Ramon crashes at their pad.

Episode 307

"Wrong and Wronger"

Everyone loves Carol's new beau Matt. Too bad she's falling for Jason, the wrong guy who insults all her friends.

Episode 308

"No Sex in the City"

Sault has landed a magazine column that looks at city living for the single gal. Life is great, until Sault's too-perfect sister Alex shows up...

Episode 309

"Cherchez la Femme"

Nick returns to Robson Arms from his world tour with a special souvenir - Anke... his new Belgian wife.

Episode 310

"Trixie's Honour"

Trixie and Chuck are at odds over Robson Arms.

Episode 311

"Baby? What Baby?"

Bobbi meets the man of her dreams - Dr. Jordan Cohen: good-looking, wealthy, charming and head-over-heels for Bobbi.

Episode 312

"My Brother's Keeper"

Yuri's brother Val is under house arrest - in Yuri's house and is full of plenty of brotherly advice for Yuri.

Episode 313


Robson Arms tenants are divided into pro and anti condo factions.