"Geeks in Love"

Written by: David Moses     Directed by: Gary Harvey

Newlyweds Fred and Alicia are happier than a couple of Klingons spilling Romulan blood. That is until Fred's co-worker Bark starts flirting with Alicia. Can Fred overcome his jealousy and insecurity to be Alicia's tiger again?

Actor Character
Haig Sutherland Fred Fochs
Jane McGregor Alicia Plecas
Will Sasso Bark
Zak Santiago Hal Garcia
Gary Sekhon Raj
Vanesa Tomasino Tish
Tom Saunders & Jason Dedrick      The Troubadours

Will Sasso had everybody breaking up during the filming of the behind-the-scenes video footage, proving that he is adept at totally irreverent improvisation. Interviewed about a number of diverse issues by video host (and Robson Arms Creative Producer) Dave Moses, Sasso managed to work in an elaborate fart-related response to nearly every question. He later admitted it may have been a not so 'silent' tribute to Season 2's Leslie Nielsen, the undisputed fart cushion king.

In this episode, Haig Sutherland attacks Will Sasso by bashing him over the head with a water cooler bottle. Realising it would be next to impossible to get clearance on any brand name water to be used as a weapon, the props department labelled the container as "Tylangoo." A brand name owned by the props department, "Tylangoo" can be seen on dozens of products in Robson Arms.

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