#100- Grandma Tan

HELENA YEA plays Grandma Tan (68), a leathery force of nature who just arrived from Hong Kong. With failing eyesight and limited English, her presence causes major upheaval in the Tan household.

#100- Ricky Tan

JIM TAI plays Ricky Tan (18), a strong-willed young man who loves to sing karaoke, seriously. And he's quite good at it too, winning most of the competitions he enters. He believes he can make his dreams come true with hard work and dedication.

#100- Ruby Tan

JUSTINE WONG plays Ruby Tan (10), the youngest Tan, who flies under the family radar. Free reign of the store and building means she has the low-down on most of the tenants. She's smart, funny, and a little too worldly for her own good.

#100- Mrs. Antonia (Toni) Mastroianni-Tan

GABRIELLE ROSE plays Mrs. Antonia (Toni) Mastroianni-Tan (45), who runs the building's store and is truly the glue in her family. She's fierce in her own way and very supportive of her husband's quest to pursue his passion in music - even though it means longer hours for her.

#100- Bao Tan

COLIN FOO plays Bao Tan (48), a quiet, unassuming man who's still baffled by his place in Canadian life. He is often found in the basement playing his tuba, preparing for the day when he can find a place with Vancouver's Symphony Orchestra.

#101- Yuri Kukoc

JOHN CASSINI plays Yuri Kukoc (39), who's handsome yet sleazy, charming yet confidently ignorant. As the building Super, he makes the most of his limited powers - he'll fix your fridge, but only when he feels like it.

#106- Pauline Dubois

SHIRLEY DOUGLAS plays Pauline Dubois (76), a grande dame and one-half of the continually bickering Dubois sisters, the cranky and demanding landladies of the Robson Arms.

#106- Bea Dubois

MAXINE MILLER plays Beatrice Dubois (74), who's known as the nicer of the landlady sisters. In her youth, Bea gave in to guilt and gave up her own aspirations for the sake of her sister, but now she's putting her foot down.

#108- Dr. Carlisle Wainwright

WILLIAM B. DAVIS plays Dr. Carlisle Wainwright (65), a hotbed of intelligence, arrogance and heedless good humour - all of which enable him to endure the shambles of his marriage to Elaine Wainwright (15 years his junior, played by Margot Kidder) and his professional life.

#108- Elaine Wainwright

MARGOT KIDDER plays Elaine Wainwright (50), who's still a beautiful, if faded, woman, who finds herself pining more and more for the past, for her youth, and her original fiery love for Carlisle. To entertain herself, she gossips, drinks in the afternoon and steals from the Tans' store.

#108- Lulu the Dog

SCRABBLE plays Lulu the Dog, the feisty, persistent, undisciplined, and often troublesome pet of the Wainwrights. She winds up becoming a pawn in the Wainwrights' messy separation.

#114- Janice Keneally

MEGAN FOLLOWS plays Janice Keneally (39), a recently separated woman who's reached a low point in her life. She's had to make many painful sacrifices of late, but her one beacon is her 10-year-old son, Henry - if only she knew what he had in store for her...

#114- Henry Armstrong

PERRY FINNBOGASON plays Henry Armstrong (10), who's overly bright for his age, and makes it his mission to make his mother happy again - no matter how unconventional the method.

#118- Fred Fochs

HAIG SUTHERLAND plays Fred Fochs (32), a lonely cyber-geek who wants love and companionship - but has no idea how to go about getting them. So he turns to the god of all social misfits - the Internet.

#202- Hal Garcia

ZAK SANTIAGO plays Hal Garcia (28), a serial womanizer who's into exploring alternative lifestyles. He believes in good karma and good weed, and truly believes he's a one-man charity, "spreading the love" to so many lovely ladies.

#202- Nick Papathanasiou

FRED EWANUICK plays Nick Papathanasiou (28), who's awfully uptight, but knows Canadian rock music like no one else. Unlike his roommate, Hal, Nick has zero luck with the ladies, which is a pity, because deep-down, he's an old-fashioned romantic.

#203- Bobbi Briggs

GABRIELLE MILLER plays Bobbi Briggs (24), who, fresh from Regina, is one of those girls who peaked in high school. Now, with no one signing up for her Exer-Jive class, and with her husband Bobby frequently out of town, Bobbi's insecurities have free reign - as does her paranoia.

#203- Bobby Briggs

TOBIAS MEHLER plays Bobby Briggs (24), a decent, not-so-sharp, bright-eyed cutie-pie from Regina. With his new job, he has to leave his 'kookaburra' behind a lot, but with a little sacrifice now he believes everything will be rosy for him and his new wife Bobbi - poor, unsuspecting sap...

#206- Alicia Plecas

JANE MCGREGOR plays Alicia Plecas (20), who considers herself an 'internal optimist'. She's an eager-to-please, somewhat na•ve woman fresh in from the B.C. interior. She arrives ready to take Vancouver by storm - but the best-laid plans go awry...

#214- Tom Goldblum

MARK MCKINNEY plays Tom Goldblum (42), an immigration lawyer by day and a grieving widower by night. He desperately needs to reconnect, and unbeknownst to him, becomes a key player in a 10-year-old boy's plans to make his mother happy again.

#216- Stanley Wasserman

KEVIN MCNULTY plays Stanley Wasserman (50), who considers the four food groups to be meats, sweets, fried things, and malts. Which wouldn't be a problem, except his partner Geoff is only 30 years old... which leaves Stanley with major doubts about their future together.

#216- Geoff McAlister

DAVID RICHMOND-PECK plays Geoff McAlister (30), a practical, outgoing and good-humoured guy who adores his acerbic lover, Stanley - even while he wishes he took better care of himself.

#218- Sault Ste. Marie

ALISEN DOWN plays Sault Ste. Marie (31), an unapologetic chain smoker from Toronto who hates Vancouver in a big way. She's too smart for her own good, and uses a thick, abrasive shell to hide her numerous insecurities.

The Troubadors

Tom Saunders plays The Tall Troubadour. Jason Dedrick plays The Not Very Tall Troubadour. This musical duo introduces each episode with a song that gives an offbeat take on the week's story.