Patrick McKenna

As Jason Rogerman

Patrick McKenna began his acting career as a member of the now infamous Second City Theatre Company. Five years later, McKenna took to the road as a stand-up comedian, headlining clubs and universities throughout North America. Since then McKenna has happily spent the majority of his career performing in Canadian television, including thirteen seasons as the Gemini Award winning Harold, on the hit comedy series The Red Green Show, while simultaneously enjoying five seasons and two more Gemini wins for his dramatic performances on Traders. Next you can see Patrick portray the Mayor of Toronto in the new CBC mini series Guns and then over on CTV catch him as Reverend Brown in the new CTV dramatic series Sabbatical.

McKenna continues to guest star in several dramatic series from Regenesis to Robson Arms and has recently entered the world of cartoons, lending his voice to no less than five regular animated series. Patrick's film work includes Milo 55160, Duct Tape Forever, The Music Man, Geraldine's Fortune, The Real Howard Spitz, Punch and Judy and A Colder Kind of Death.

McKenna resides outside of Toronto while gainfully working within the Canadian film and television industry.

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